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TotesNewworthy Promotes Non-Profits that Help people living with Cancer

TotesNewworthy would also like to mention that St Judes and the Shriners are very worthy charities that do good work. They also use most of the money received goes to do research and work not to line the pockets of the executives. The problem today is much nonprofit group stake large sums of money from donors, and the money trickles down at a pace that is shocking when you think about how some will operate at levels of over 80% going towards administration costs. This in itself is very disheartening because you feel you are helping the 1.00 you give, seeing only a fraction going to help the cause, yet executives are getting salaries much more extensive than you think. The idea of philanthropy is not to make a get rich quick scheme but to give back to help the children and people that need help not to thereby.

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While financially supporting each charity every day would be fantastic, it is not feasible. What is possible, however, is informing the masses that these charities are out there and creating a conversation about their efforts. This will, in turn, generate recognition so that when people can give, they will know there are more than one or two charities out there that need their money.

When you look at all the charities out there, some have abused the money given to them. For example, one needs its reputation restored after throwing lavish parties and have the head of the organization ride in on a horse. Where is the humbleness in that? This is why before we give, check them out. See what portion gives how much to the cause. Nothing can be worse than giving to a cause that has a rate of 85 to 90% of expenses and then only gives out a meager sum; the fact is quite sad.

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