TotesNewsworthy recommends tourists to vacation in Nova Scotia (3)

TotesNewsworthy recommends tourists to vacation in Nova Scotia

Surrounded by water on all sides and the smell of salt and water lingering in the air this beautiful island of Nova Scotia rises out of the sea with its emerald hills and plunging cliffs creating a scenic sight.

Tourists can experience the mystery of Nova Scotia by enjoying an Atlantic cruise and having the most beautiful holiday experience of their life.

TotesNewsworthy recommends tourists to vacation in Nova Scotia (2)

TotesNewsworthy says that the historical background and geographical location has a tremendous cultural impact on Nova Scotia.

Its coastlines are dotted with fishing villages and sailboats that line the horizon. The Bay of Fundy is also worth visiting as it experiences the world’s highest tides.

This area is teeming with exotic wildlife, and when tourists embark on a cruise to Nova Scotia, it is sure to be full of bird sightings. The most common species of birds during the winter season are Snow Bunting and Iceland Gull. The waters of Nova Scotia are the habitat of the most exotic species of whales, as vacationers can spot Beaked whales, Humpback whales and also Pilot and Killer whales. White Cougars, Lynx, and Bobcats are land animals that roam around in the land of Nova Scotia.

TotesNewsworthy knows that the museums and historical sites of the area offer glimpses of its cultural history.

TotesNewsworthy recommends tourists to vacation in Nova Scotia (1)

From visiting its historic Fortress Louisbourg to the Joggins Fossil Centre, tourists get to learn a lot. Getting in and around Nova Scotia is quite easy if you have the perfect map and the proper guidelines to follow.

From the majestic highlands of Nova Scotia to its lush valleys, there is undoubtedly an outdoor adventure that is perfect for you. The Glacial Boulder of Peggy’s Cove is a must-see sight as these are attractions that you can only enjoy in Nova Scotia.

Most travel experts say that Nova Scotia is famous for its maritime cuisine so tourists holidaying in the area can satisfy their taste buds to Steaming Lobsters with dripping butter. Seafood is not only the traditional cuisine, as a tourist will also love Rapee’s Pie made of chicken and grated potatoes.

Visit this beautiful Canadian Province today.

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