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TotesNewsworthy Explores The Virgin Islands St. John

TotesNewsworthy Explores The Virgin Islands St. John.  We encourage Caribbean vacationers to explore St. John, one of the islands of the US Virgin Islands.

Two-thirds of the island make up a National Park, which sets a comfortable and relaxing pace on the island. With over 22 trails and many great resorts to choose from that are available, outdoor-lovers will enjoy the island of St. John.

The Virgin Islands St. John entrance sign to National Park

The Virgin Islands St. John

As part of the National Park, the Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins is a fun way to learn about the 1700s when sugar, molasses, and rum were produced.

The ruins have been partially restored, and there are often demonstrations of bread baking and basket weaving scheduled. Visitors can walk among the ruins of the old windmill.

There are ranger-led tours among these well preserved and extensive ruins. Leinster Bay is down the hill from Annaberg and is a great place for visitors to beach comb.

Annaberg Walking Trail

Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay, and Salt Pond Bay are world-renowned beaches located on the Island of St. John. Commonly referred to as the Mecca of beaches, TotesNewsworthy highly recommends a trip to Trunk Bay.

TotesNewsworthy Explores The Virgin Islands St. John, Trunk Bay

Cocooned by the Virgin Islands National Park, the area maintains a semblance of serenity despite its popularity.

Vacationers should leave time to explore the Underwater Trail, a snorkeling path with underwater plaques highlighting coral and fish. Even young snorkelers can enjoy this adventure. Cinnamon Bay has kayaks, sailboats, and other rental available.

TotesNewsworthy Explores The Virgin Islands St. John

For families and boaters, Maho Bay Beach is the perfect spot, known for calm and shallow water. The beach itself boasts a coconut plan fringe and has light surf, easy access, and snow-white sand.

It is a popular location, so visitors should plan to arrive early to stake out a great spot. When looking up to the west, the American Hill Great House Ruins are visible, and the hike up to see them is an activity recommended by TotesNewsworthy.

Maho Bay in St John

Special events and attractions can put an upcoming vacation to the Caribbean over the top. Make the most of the time spent traveling by engaging in a variety of activities. St. John, of the US Virgin Islands, is a great place to visit year-round.

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