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Is Dez Bryant Going to the Redskins?

Is Dez Bryant Going to the Redskins

So it is now old news that the Dallas Cowboys released their longtime wide receiver, Dez Bryant. Although most people close to the situation believe the decision had everything to do with his potential 16.5 million dollar salary for 2018 there is quite a bit more to this story. According …

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Top Mother’s Day Gifts for 2018

Top Mother's Day Gifts for 2018 (2)

Your Mom is always there for you and will back you up in any situation. As your most significant supporter and the one person you can always count on, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show her how much she means to you. Here are some of the top …

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Is Ex-FBI Director James Comey a Dirty Cop?

Is Ex-FBI Director James Comey a Dirty Cop

This topic of discussion has been on-going long before President Trump fired James Comey on May 9, 2017. The short answer to the question that both liberals and conservatives are leaning towards now is “Yes, he may have technically broken the law.” However, there is more than one issue that …

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