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Total Access Travels Suggests fall trips to NC

Total Access Travels Suggests fall trips to NC

Total Access Travels wants to remind all travelers that the Fall months are the best time to visit the state of North Carolina.

As a top-tier company in the vacation industry, Total Access Travels knows well that savvy travelers want the best value for their dollar and seek out the most exciting, relaxing, scenic destinations possible. That’s one reason that North Carolina is at the top of the Fall vacation list for wise adventurers.

What’s on the itinerary for late-year vacationers in North Carolina? There’s plenty.

And it should be said that there’s something for every taste and all age groups. Couples can find romantic hideaways with memories to last a lifetime, while families with small children will enjoy the endless “kid-friendly” attractions and activities. Total Access Travels offers the following “short list” of vacation fun for those who are lucky enough to spend a few days or weeks in North Carolina:

Change of season:

From mid-September until late November, North Carolina’s trees begin to unravel their full palette of natural colors. Even visitors from the North Eastern U.S. are surprised at the wide variety and bold range of nature’s artwork on the state’s trees. Many outdoor and nature groups make special trips to N.C. each year just to view the foliage as it begins its magical color change.

Grandfather Mountain:

Rising nearly 6,000 feet above sea level, this privately owned mountain contains some of the nation’s most popular hiking trails. It also features an eye-catching 228-foot high suspension bridge and a gigantic wildlife preserve. Hikers, nature enthusiasts, and picnickers love Grandfather Mountain, which is about a 2-hour drive from Charlotte.

Blue Ridge Parkway:

Often called America’s “most beautiful drive,” the Blue Ridge Parkway is a narrow national park that runs a full 470 miles from its origin in Virginia all the way to its end in North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There are mile markers for convenience and plenty of scenic spots that are ideal for picnics or hiking.

Chimney Rock:

With cameras at the ready, travelers love to visit one of the nation’s most scenic areas, Chimney Rock State Park, where a 404-foot waterfall is the central spectacle amid hundreds of other natural wonders. The hiking is unmatched, and the higher elevations allow a 75-mile visibility range, which makes for some great photo opportunities.

No trip to North Carolina is complete without a visit to “Queen City,” Charlotte. Especially during the Fall months, the city is aglow with natural color, vibrant nightlife, and hundreds of things for visitors to do. Famous for its restaurants and cultural attractions, Charlotte has become a favorite destination for people of all ages.

Total Access Travels reminds everyone that North Carolina, with its quaint towns, sophisticated cities, gorgeous scenery and vibrant life is an ideal destination for families and couples any time of the year, but especially in the Fall season. For more details about other activities in North Carolina for year-round fun, check out the Total Access Travels website at it http://totalaccesstravels.net



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