Halloween Town

Top Trip This Fall is to Halloween Town in St. Helens, Oregon

Disney made many people’s dreams come true by releasing the creative project Halloweentown in the 1990’s. This television movie was released in 1998 and was a four-part series. These episodes captivated the hearts of viewers, and as such has received a cult following. The city where the series was filmed, St. Helens, Oregon, has its Halloween Town festivities annually.

Now that we are in October, it is the perfect time for travelers and Halloween enthusiasts to book trips to St. Helens, Oregon to experience a real live version of Halloweentown. The festival begins October 1st. The original actress that played Marnie, Kimberly J. Brown, will make an appearance at these holiday festivities. This celebration is also videoed every year so that those that attend can enjoy mementos.

Halloweentown is a page out of a childhood fantasy for many individuals. Disney captivated everyone’s hearts with the notion of a town that was precisely centered on the holiday of Halloween. Most people enjoy Halloween, but this city allows childhood fantasies to come through. Everyone enjoys being reminded of their youth, and in St. Helens, Oregon it is entirely possible to fulfill fantasies of an actual Halloweentown.

Halloweentown has their great pumpkin lighting on October 8th, which is an event that is looked forward to by this town every year. Many travelers have already begun booking trips to Oregon so that they can enjoy the fall foliage and perfect decorations. Halloweentown is something that viewers have been talking about for close to 20 years, and now this locale is a reality for fans.

Halloweentown is perfect for families and children of all ages, even those that have never seen the original four-part series. There are many different events held in this town over the next month, all of which can be viewed online. Those interested in experiencing a fun fall event this autumn should book their tickets to Halloweentown in St. Helens, Oregon.

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