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Top Tips When Visiting New York 2019 8

Top Tips When Visiting New York 2019

Being street smart in New York suggests Totes Newsworthy.

There are always long queues in the city; these are almost always tourists waiting for some street food or ice cream. The lines are not always worth it, so take a look down the less popular streets of the city and you will find less busy street food spots, and it will probably cost you less too!

The city is known for its pizza, and this is something you should give a try during your time in NYC. Forget about a knife and fork; however, if you want the full pizza experience, found it in half length-ways and eat it with your hands.



Times Square is probably somewhere you want to visit during your time in the City just so you can take photos and say you’ve been there, but it isn’t all that interesting. If you have limited time during your time visiting New York 2019, there are much better places worth checking out.

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Shopping in New York is excellent but remember that there are five boroughs to explore, not just Manhattan!

Spotting celebrities in the city are pretty standard so try not to make a big deal out of it. Running up to them isn’t going to be appreciated, celebs want to be able to shop in New York without having to stop every two minutes from talking to fans.

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Hopefully, the information that has been provided has been helpful to you. Follow the advice to make sure that you do not stand out TOO much in the city. Most of all, have a fantastic trip and create some memories that you’ll never forget.

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