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Top Tips When Visiting New York 2019 8

Top Tips When Visiting New York 2019

Things you should do

– Try and take up as little space as possible especially during the particularly busy times of the day. Take up one area, remove your backpack and keep it between your knees. If standing, do not lean your entire body against the pole in the carriages, this is for many people to hold onto and there are not usually enough to go around.

– Offer your seat to pregnant women, disabled passengers and the elderly. When all the seats are full, and you are lucky enough to have one, there are always people who require the seat more than you.

– Let people off the train before you try and get on, pushing and ramming your way through makes the subway even more chaotic than it needs to be.

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Things you should not do

– Do not play loud music, if you want to listen to music on the train – headphones are your friends.

– Do not eat loudly or show PDA; it’s all about respect for other passengers.

– Don’t make eye contact with anyone in your cab; it’s considered pretty rude.

Other means of transport

If you want to get around New York in another way, considering a yellow cab. If you want a cab to stop for you, stand on the curb and hold out your hand. Shouting out “Taxi” loudly and proudly as they do in the movies is dramatic, but that isn’t how it goes down in the city. As a rule of thumb, if a yellow cab has their number lit up at the top, it is free to use. If the light is off, there is another person in it right now.

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Make sure you casually check your environment before you hail a cab in New York if there is someone nearby who was there before you, they should get the next one that comes.

Perhaps you want to stroll around the streets and check out the fantastic views of the city. The general rule of the busy sidewalk is to keep to the right (with the same applying to escalators) and keep walking. If you don’t want to annoy other people walking, then make sure you do not come to any abrupt stops. If you do need to stop walking for one reason or another when visiting New York, make sure you come off the sidewalk and stand somewhere that is not occupied by anyone else.

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