Top Make Up Tips 2019 (1)

Top Makeup Tips 2019

2019 Makeup Tips

For 2019. There will be several makeup trends. Some are a twist on some old favorites. We have the comeback of glitter. Glitter on the eyelids, on the lips and the cheekbones as a highlight. To achieve proper balance with this look, choose just one area and apply it there.

You want to ensure the glitter you ask has staying power and it doesn’t spread to other areas. Start by using some base makeup before you apply the glitter and also apply a setting product after the glitter.

Another top makeup tip for 2019 is the classic carmine.

This season we have the comeback of the carmine-red lips. Lipstick is the main focus of the minimalist look. If you want a clean and sharp look, outline the lips with lip-liner. You then begin the application of the lipstick from the center moving outwards with a brush.
The key to perfect lips is taking proper care of them. Exfoliate them regularly and moisturize them with a luxurious balm. If you apply the balm before lipstick, then remove the excess with a tissue so the lipstick can hold better.

Another one of the top make up tips for 2019 is the illuminated eye. This is achieved by application of a little eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye. You may also enhance the eyeshadow with a touch of gold mascara.

For 2019, there is an emphasis on clean skin. For 2019 we will be keeping the skin foundation-free. There is just the use of concealer to cover up a few spots. There is, therefore, the emphasis on a great skin care routine to achieve a naturally glowing and healthy looking skin tone. You need to dab on a bit of blush to get the face looking all warm and peachy.

2019 makeup trends are all about glowing skin. The cheekbones and foreheads are highlighted softly. This is achieved by using a touch of liquid or cream luminizer to give a natural sheen. This look looks great coupled with peachy cheeks and rosy lips. The sun-kissed look has made a comeback. This means the bronzer is back in fashion. It gives one a light tan look. It is beautiful especially paired with a hint of highlighter and peachy eyeshadow.

Pink is another favorite for 2019. This pink trend is in monochrome looks where the pink powder is used on both eyelids and cheekbones. The lips are also coated with a rose tint. Pink mascara can also be added to continue the pink theme. One may also decide to use a pink blush.

A delicate smoky eye is another top make up tip for 2019. This is in line with the other delicate, light and soft 2019 makeup trends. The smoky eye is subtle and is in lighter shades such as coffee. The smoky eye can also be covered in a thin layer of gloss to give it a bit of a metallic sheen.

Top Make Up Tips 2019 (2)

The eyebrows are well groomed and look clean. A little amount of eyebrow powder is applied, and the well-groomed eyebrows are then brushed upwards. The eyelashes are also soft and feathery.
Eye makeup looks sported winged eyeliner. We have the use of glittery eyeshadow or jewels. These are some of the trends expected for 2019.

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