Hacienda Encantada is one of the top luxury travel providers within all of Mexico, and all those who visit their top-tier resort soon find out why this is the case. So many people out there choose to become a member of this vacation ownership service because of the great vacation perks they offer. And one of the best perks that Hacienda Encantada members often speak about is a new program the staff created alongside different restaurants in Cabo San Lucas so vacationers can use their membership towards a Dine-Out package.

Those who visit will see that Hacienda Encantada already starts off with a rich variety of restaurants that have various cuisines. When adding the Dine Out option, travelers will be treated to even more of this, something that sets them apart from every resort in the area. Here are just a few of examples of what to expect.

  • Las Marias is a Mexican restaurant which has highly qualified chefs creating delicious and authentic dishes for travelers to enjoy. Now travelers have the news that all those who are a part of Hacienda Encantada membership will get the chance to eat here if they would like, perfect for those hoping to try out the local cuisine.
  • Eden Tequila: At this exciting restaurant and bar, Hacienda Encantada shares those who visit each week on Sunday will find the restaurant has a special menu of common snacks from different regions of Mexico. This appetizer-style tasting party is a fun way to become more familiar with local favorites. And each week on Tuesday we continue with what has become a beautiful tradition: Guateque Night. Every two weeks this tasting menu, along with a varying tequila sample-selection, is changed to show the exquisite cuisine of the country buffet menu.
  • La Pergola: This popular restaurant was a Hacienda Encantada favorite which, before the events of last year (Hurricane Odile), had a sushi bar for travelers to enjoy on the top level. Hacienda Encantada is working on providing a renewed selection of rolls as well as some surprises that people certainly will enjoy at the new location poolside.

The top luxury resort in Cabo, Hacienda Encantada, shares that this exclusive dine out package was created for all those travelers who like to have variety within their dining options while on a trip, and that’s why so many people celebrate this plan– because it has such a unique diversity. For more information, please visit Hacienda Encantada online at http://www.haciendaencantada.com/