Top Covid 19 Survival Tips and How to Shop and Survive

Top Covid 19 Survival Tips and How to Shop and Survive

Top Covid 19 Survival Tips and How to Shop and Survive through these times.

We are now living in a strange new era. This pandemic has never hit most people living today. We have to be aware of so many things, including social distancing and, at the same time, be vigilant.

The sad part is we all want to get through this; however, during times of disaster, we have to vigilant with our health and safety.

three basic rules to avoid the coronavirus

The first thing is social distancing and self quarantining. This can cause people to have depression and also have other adverse effects like drug and alcohol abuse. So try to find things to occupy your time like cleaning that closet you always said you would. Whatever it may be, try to keep your mind active. Call your friends and family don’t text go back to voice see how your friends and family are coping with it. Tell them how you feel.

When leaving for Essentials Here are some Top Tips

Try to wear gloves and a mask. Stay home at all costs, but if you need to shop for groceries, make a list and think about careful meal planning. Think about meals that can be broken down and used for days or even frozen. If you have a slow cooker, use recipes that make bulk meals so you can separate them and have one recipe that gives you many meals. Once you arrive home to remove your gloves and mask and make sure you go through your fridge and work rotation.

Symptoms of new COVID-19 Wuhan Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV


Nothing worse than throwing good food away because it went bad in the fridge or on the counter.

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