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best eating tips for winter season
Dr. Kayode Sotonwa offers advice for healthy eating this winter

Top 5 Winter Eating Tips

Internist Dr. Kayode Sotonwa says winter is not a time to gain weight.

Internist Dr. Kayode Sotonwa offers health suggestions for people who fear wintertime weight gain. His patients typically gain a bit of weight during the fall months and lose a bit during the summer, especially if they live in warm climates.

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa is offering five tips for his patients and anyone else who wants to keep the winter weight off.

He suggests drinking soups that are approximately 125 calories per serving but no more. When people eat soup as the first course of their meal, they tend to consume much less later on. Some studies have shown that soup eaters cut their overall calorie intake by as much as 20 percent compared to those who never consume soup. Dr. Kayode Sotonwa believes that no one has to face weight gain during cold weather months if they eat right.

His second recommendation for smart winter eating is indoor grilling. Too many people just put the grill in the garage for the winter and forget about it. Dr. Kayode Sotonwa says this is a mistake. Rather than eating fried foods during the winter, he suggests indoor grilling. People can prepare low-calorie, low-fat meats and grilled vegetables on an indoor grill.

Thirdly, the doctor says that it is a mistake to ignore produce just because the warm weather is gone. He says people should stock up on greens and whatever local produce is sold in the fall. Continuing to consume fruits and vegetables during the winter is one of Dr. Kayode Sotonwa’s key suggestions for keeping the pounds off when cold months approach.

Fourth, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa suggests that everyone should consume a low-calorie, healthy breakfast to get a smart start on the day. He recommends whole grains and proteins for the early hours. Cereal and nuts, plus raisins and natural peanut butter are much better than sweet snack foods and sugary tarts.

Finally, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa says that people need to hydrate even when the summer heat has vanished. The human body, he says, needs to stay hydrated because indoor heaters sap the human body’s fluids. Even if the water tastes better hot, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa says, or is in the form of green tea, people should still consume about eight 8-ounce glasses per day to stay healthy.

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa is an internist who keeps an eye on nutritional trends and news. He wants people to understand that they need not gain weight each winter, but can stay healthy by eating right and exercising moderately.


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