Top 5 Bucket list Destinations To Visit in 2020 (4)

Top 5 Bucket list Destinations To Visit in 2020


Among the most iconic experiences, you’ll get to have in the Middle East is floating on the Dead Sea. And Jordan is the country that offers such an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Thanks to its high levels of saltiness, the Dead Sea is denser than your ordinary sea water. This means you’ll be able to float on its waters even while you are sitting. This is not something you see every day. Apart from that, it is said that the same salty waters tend to have healing and restorative properties that you might find quite refreshing. Don’t forget to sample the rich Middle-Eastern culture while you are there and enjoy one-of-a-kind desert safaris. And for the ultimate souvenir, be sure to ask a friend to take a snapshot of you floating on the Dead Sea!

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Zanzibar is world-famous for its stunning turquoise blue waters, silky-smooth sandy beaches, and palm-filled setting that would make for a tranquil getaway. This coastal paradise is a true definition of a sweet escape, and that’s why it has remained a priority for newlyweds and honeymooners. Get to indulge in high-octane aquatic sports like scuba diving, kite surfing, and jet skiing as you stay in top-of-the-range villas and hotels. The new Swahili culture is another gem to discover. Enjoy the enchanting tunes of “taarab” music and sample the sumptuous locally made foods like Halua. If you just want a place to kick back, relax, and soak in some tanning sun, Zanzibar is the destination for you.

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