Top 5 Bucket list Destinations To Visit in 2020 (4)

Top 5 Bucket list Destinations To Visit in 2020

The start of a new year is a chance to take on fresh challenges and fulfill your many life aspirations. If you are an outdoor enthusiast with an affinity for discovering marvels of the natural world, this is also the time to start planning your next travel adventure. There are numerous exciting destinations, both urban and remote, that are begging to be explored. But you can’t deny the fact some names stand out from the bucket list destinations 2019. The following are irresistible locations you might want to consider on your next journey of discovery.

South Africa

If you want to get a taste of a real African Safari, you need to have South Africa on your bucket list destinations. The “Rainbow Nation” is home to the big five, with a long list of animal parks and conservancies where you can encounter these breath-taking beasts up-close. And the safari doesn’t have to end on land; the country is bordered by both the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans, giving it a wealth of exciting marine life. You’ll be impressed by just how diverse the county is, making South Africa a real boiling point of culture. The cities are nothing short of amazing, with architectural masterpieces defining the skyline and world-class amenities on offer. Also, get to discover the history of one of the most endeared personalities in the history of the world, Nelson Mandela.

Top 5 Bucket list Destinations To Visit in 2020 (7)

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