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Top 3 Vegan High Protean Meals that Are Easy to Prepare

Top 3 Vegan High Protean meals that are easy to prepare.One of the most common challenges faced by vegetarians is making sure that there is enough protein in every meal that they take. The best way to handle this is to make plans in advance. Instead of expecting the unlikely from the office cafeteria, why not plan and prepare your high-protein lunch before you leave for work? If you are a vegan and wondering how you can make vegan meals with high protean, consider the following amazing recipes. Many people will make 5 to 10 portions and keep them in the fridge for the week.
This way you have just take your containers with you.

Top 3 Vegan High Protean Meals that Are Easy to Prepare

1. Tofu Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich

• Preheat your oven to 225 degrees Farenhieght.
• Drain and press blocks of tofu
• Place one tablespoon of onion powder in a bowl
• Add one tablespoon of nutritional yeast
• Add one tablespoon of real Maple syrup
• Add one tablespoon of any hot sauce you may have at home
• Add another tablespoon of olive oil, as well as some black pepper
• Stir the mixture into a thick sauce and taste to see that it is okay
• Chop the blocks of Tofu into thin slices and arrange them on a baking tray
• Cover the Tofu slices with the sauce you just made
• Bake the Tofu slice in your preheated oven until they are crispy
• Chop one tomato and avocado into slices
• Get some slices of whole wheat bread and spread them with vegan Mayo
• Place the baked mayo slices on the bread to make your sandwich
• Top the sandwich with the tomato and avocado slices, as well as some spinach leaves

The above protein-rich vegan meal contains 26g of proteins, 48g carbohydrates, and 27g fat. Enjoy!

Top Vegan High Protean Meals that Are Easy to Prepare 3

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