Top 3 Reasons to Try Sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas (4)

Top 3 Reasons to Try Sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

From the most fish varieties to fantastic views, travel experts all agree there is no better place to try sports fishing this September than Los Cabos. When traveling to the gorgeous Baja Peninsula, vacationers face one of the most envious issues: an overabundance of activities from which to choose.

Vacationers from all over the world choose Cabo San Lucas for its safety and beauty. From relaxing on the beach, dining at authentic Mexican restaurants or enjoying the town’s exciting nightlife Cabo San Lucas has it all.

Top 3 Reasons to Try Sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas (2)

Tourists who seek both excitement and beautiful ocean views would never go wrong planning a sports fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas. With many sport fishing companies to choose from and a wide variety of fish to catch, fishing enthusiasts are sure to find the experience of a lifetime.

For those visitors who have never been sports fishing before, there is no better spot than off the coast of Cabo San Lucas. For those people who are still unsure, our travel experts offer these top three reasons to try sports fishing this fall:


The waters off of Cabo San Lucas, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, is home to myriad species of sea life. In fact, the Sea of Cortez is thought to be one of the most diverse seas on Earth.

Cabo San Lucas is also called “The Marlin Capital of the World,”

Visitors will find many different types of sea life to catch every month of the year: Striped Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, Roosterfish and more.

Everyone believes Cabo is the place to find world-class sports fishing at its very best.

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2. Location

The convergence of the two bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, with their distinct and different currents, structures and water temperatures, help create a unique feeding ground for all of these fish. Where those bodies of water meet, however, is the Baja Peninsula and it is a sight to behold from the sea. Beaches, cliffs and rock formations abound, while visitors can also enjoy some fantastic views.

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3. Ease

While people can bring their equipment, many of the sports fishing tour companies do have rental equipment available. Our experts recommend checking with the local tour company while booking the trip.

The tourist who visits Cabo finds themselves returning year after year. Most will end up calling Los Cabos their second home. Making their annual pilgrimage, to visit this beautiful Mexican destination.

Los Cabos is like no other destination. When you think of all the Hollywood A-listers who have homes there, you can easily see why. Make Los Cabos you choice this next vacation season.

Top 3 Reasons to Try Sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas (4)


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