Adults may be trying their best at both home and the office, but getting their children involved in this effort can help not only the household, but the community as a whole.

Marques Larabie, an environmental and geotechnical drilling industry expert, has worked with water resources for more than 20 years. Using his experience and knowledge, he has created a list of top 10 ways kids can help save water.

1. When playing the pool, limit splashing. Keeping water in the pool will save water.

2. Kids who don’t have a pool can cool off when their parents are using the sprinkler in an area where their lawn needs it most.

3. By using one designated one glass or reusable water bottle for drinking water each day, kids can help cut down on the number of glasses to wash.

4. When giving fresh water to their pets, kids should pour the old water on trees or shrubs and not down the drain. Also, when it is time to wash the pets, kids should do so outdoors in an area of the lawn that needs water.

5. Kids can reuse their bath towels both at home and at hotels to cut down on laundry loads.

6. More intrepid children can encourage their school system to develop and promote water conservation among kids and adults. This can be done with art contests focusing on water conservation, essay contests or even water conservation idea projects.

7. When washing their hands or brushing their teeth, kids can make sure they shut off the faucet until they need it. For example, they should leave the water off when lathering their hands or when they’re brushing their teeth.

8. If kids shorten their showers by even a minute or two, they can help their families save up to 150 gallons of water per month.

9. When kids are doing the dishes by hand, they can fill one basin with wash water and the other with rinse water. This way the water isn’t constantly running.

10. Parents can make sure they reward their children for saving water, whether it’s shorter showers, less splashing in the pool or turning off the faucet when brushing their teeth.