Tombstone Freedom Days in Arizona Explodes with Excitement (3)

Tombstone Freedom Days in Arizona Explodes with Excitement

The highly anticipated 3rd Annual Tombstone Freedom Days on Historic Allen Street in downtown Tombstone will take place this year on June 28th and 29th. Freedom Days is a celebration of the great American West and everything it stands for. If you have never been to Tombstone, this is the perfect time to give and experience the living, breathing historical landmark that will transport you back to the days of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday.

Sponsorship of the Tombstone Freedom Days is by the Tombstone Lions Club, so it is a charitable event with all proceeds going to support local and national charity organizations. This year’s line up of guests and speakers is impressive. To begin with, Curt Schilling will be the honored guest at Celebrity Town Hall. Mr. Schilling is a famous professional athlete who was a six-time Major League Baseball All-Star, a three-time World Series Champion, including MVP of the 2001 World Series, and twice the Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated magazine. These are just a mere few of his past accomplishments in baseball. Mr. Schilling is currently an outspoken conservative, and he joined Breitbart in 2016.


Tombstone Freedom Days in Arizona Explodes with Excitement (1)

Morgan Brittany and her daughter Katie Gill are two powerful conservative voices from California. Although Morgan is well known for her many TV and movie roles, she is also an accomplished conservative political commentator and author. She writes a weekly column for WorldNetDaily and Townhall Finance and has been a recurring guest on shows such as Hannity, The Rick Amato Show and Fox & Friends. Brittany is also an anchor for PolitiChicks, which is an online news site with a conservative perspective. She co-authored her second book with Ann-Marie Murrell, “PolitiChicks: A Clarion Call to Political Activism” and it is a compilation of essays from “PolitiChicks” writers. Morgan now travels to speak at major political events all around the country and eloquently supports her strong conservative viewpoints. She is also involved in donating her time and help to raise funds for military/veterans organizations.

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