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how to eat more vegetables
Dr. Kayode Sotonwa suggests to increase vegetable and fruit consumption

Tips to Meet the Daily Vegetable Requirement

Eating a diet high in vegetables is easier with these helpful tips from Dr. Kayode Sotonwa.

Now it’s easier to get those daily veggies with helpful tips provided by Dr. Kayode Sotonwa.  This physician is known for his desire to enhance the health of his patients and sharing useful dietary information such as this can do just that.

Be sure to get veggies each day with these tips from Dr. Kayode Sotonwa:

·         Begin at breakfast.  Take advantage of opportunities to eat veggies starting in the morning.  While most folks probably wouldn’t consider eating a salad after getting out of bed, there are other options like green smoothies and veggie omelets that can tempt the palette.

·         Double up on veggies when cooking.  Many recipes may go light on veggies, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  Dr. Kayode Sotonwa notes that soups, pizzas, pastas, casseroles and more can benefit from double servings of certain types of vegetables.  Spinach is a great filler, as many picky eaters don’t even notice the taste.

·         Try seasonal veggies.  Main players in the vegetable group shouldn’t steal the spotlight.  As the seasons change, take advantage of nature’s pantry and try new produce; there could be a new favorite out there.

·         Eat a salad before main meals.  Even if the main course won’t have all that many vegetables, eating a sizeable salad can help offset that imbalance.  Dr. Kayode Sotonwa advises that for best results, keep salads loaded with nutritious, fresh produce.

·         Snack creatively.  Snacking between meals has become a way of life, so instead of fighting this just choose those snacks wisely.  Sliced cucumbers, baby carrots, sliced cauliflower and grape tomatoes all make perfect snacks, especially when paired with a healthy dip like hummus.

·         Sweeten the pot.  Instead of skipping dessert, make the most of it by adding those needed veggies.  Pumpkin pie, carrot cake and sweet potato pie are traditional favorites; use lightened recipes to get the most benefits from these vegetables.

Although it’s common knowledge that a diet high in veggies can lengthen lives and ward off illness, people can run into trouble getting their recommended servings of these healthy foods.  But now getting that daily dose of veggies is simplified thanks to Dr. Kayode Sotonwa.


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