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Tips To Keep a High-Maintenance Dog Happy

Sometimes, you end up with a pup who constantly needs something to do, tiring you out. Here are some tips to keep a high-maintenance dog happy.

Dogs all have different needs and desires. So having a high-energy and needy dog can cause stress. If you’re looking for ways to deal with your dog, here are tips to keep a high-maintenance dog happy. When you use these, your dog will feel even more loved and appreciated.

Tips To Keep a High-Maintenance Dog Happy

Do Some Nosework Exercise

Maybe you have a basset hound that endlessly sniffs. Once your dog finds a scent they like, they won’t stop until finding the source. One of the tips to keep a high-maintenance dog happy is to have them play sniffing games. Nosework is an activity where you teach dogs to sniff out specific scents, such as clove, anise, and birch.

You can start with finding an odor paired with food hidden in a handful of boxes. Later, they can work their way up to rooms, exterior environments, and cars. It gives them something fun to do without your needing to herd them away from the trash can.

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Find a Way To Get Their Energy Out

When you have a high-energy dog, they’ll sometimes get into trouble. When they don’t have an energy outlet, it can result in negative behavior, such as ripping carpets or destroying couches. Increasing their exercise will help level out their energy expenditure.

You can teach them sports such as herding, dock diving, field trials, and agility skills. No matter what kind of dog you have, you can easily throw a ball or stick across the house, and they will retrieve it. If they don’t enjoy chasing toys, you can always play tug-of-war or hide-and-seek and get them outside to socialize.

Get Their Dog Brains Churning – Tips To Keep a High-Maintenance Dog Happy

Sometimes, you have brilliant dogs who don’t have an outlet to use their brains. A great way to get their brains working is by playing different games. You can quickly start with the cup game, where you have a treat hidden under a set of three cups. If they guess which cup it’s in, they receive the treat as a reward.

Otherwise, you can teach them a new trick, play a game together, or even do a treasure hunt. These are all great ways to get their brains going and strengthen your bond.

German Sheepdog With Cups Sitting On The Grass

Tips To Keep a High-Maintenance Dog Happy

Teach Them Basic Obedience Training

Teaching old dogs new tricks is possible. No matter how old your dog is, you can always add new tricks to their list. If you have a dog that has a hard time communicating its needs, find ways to teach them. Especially if you have older dogs, you’ll have fewer stains and odors to clean with proper training. In case they do make a mess on your carpet, know how to handle pet spots, stains, and odors.

Take your dog to training school so they can learn the basics like “sit” and “stay.” From there, teaching other tricks like “sit pretty,” “down,” “speak,” and even “play dead” is easy. Learning tricks will promote your dog’s desire to please you.

Dogs offer a level of companionship that few other animals can replicate. So provide your dog with the care, love, and entertainment they need!

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