Tips for Your Running Your First Marathon

Most beginner runners only make a plan for their running and forget to plan for food intake and rest days. Eating the correct type of foods at the right times will make your progress increase. Don’t give into the ‘I ran 15 miles I can eat whatever I want mindset, as it will make your recovery time slower.

Stretching and using a foam roller can also aid in muscle recovery.

Chances were when you selected the race you’d run for your first marathon; you also set a goal. Sometimes that goal is merely finishing the race; other times, it is to finish in a certain amount of time.

Setting a goal is a great way to ensure you stick to training plans in those hard moments. Most experienced runners will talk about hitting a ‘wall’ when running their first marathon.

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Mental preparation can help with this. A runner’s mindset and confidence level are what is going to ensure they finish, not just their physical endurance.

Most runners cannot express just how important the right running shoes are for a first marathon. Shoes that are comfortable, light, and flexible are crucial for training and running a marathon.

High-quality socks are also essential. Pay attention to the number of miles each pair of sneakers have traveled to make sure they aren’t too worn out for race day. Having several pairs of the same shoes and rotating them throughout training is a great way to make sure you have a comfortable pair on race day.

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Just as food choices during training are essential, eating before the marathon is a significant concern. While most people assume carb-loading the night before the race is the best idea, most experts recommend a large, carb dense meal for lunch the day before and a smaller dinner instead.

Race day fueling is slightly more complicated, as timing is critical. Fuel during the race is also essential.

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