Grand Solmar Timeshare is one of the leading travel and vacation providers in Mexico, and is one company that prides itself on providing the best. Its goal is offering travelers of all ages a true luxury vacation experience, something that many people only dream of. Grand Solmar Timeshare is all about being the best and counts itself as a resort where travelers can enjoy top-of-the-line luxury with everyone who visits this gorgeous resort marveling at the high-class accommodations as well as the variety of amenities.

Grand Solmar Timeshare knows sometimes people might only have time for a quick trip. Rather than staying home for the weekend, why not think outside of the box and go on a spur of the moment trip to Mexico? Cabo San Lucas is a great destination to visit for those who want to still have fun in a short amount of time. Here are a few great recommendations for a quick trip.

  •     Chileno Beach: Start out worshiping the sand— Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that many people visit Mexico due to it being home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, so it makes sense that spending the day playing in the sun would be the first choice for travelers who have a short trip. Even a couple hours swimming in the ocean and walking around touring the sights will give travelers a true feel for Cabo San Lucas.
  •     Visiting Mt. Solmar: All those travelers who are hoping to explore the outdoors even more will find themselves in heaven while visiting Cabo San Lucas. There is a great place where travelers who are hoping to see more of the natural beauty of the area will be able to go hiking, and that is of course at the famous Mt. Solmar. Once getting to the top, the sweeping views of Cabo San Lucas are there to be enjoyed. It’s always a great idea to bring along a picnic basket for lunch or a quick snack so they view can be looked upon for a while before heading back down.

Grand Solmar Timeshare thinks travelers should be sure to treat themselves when the opportunity arises. Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place to plan a last minute start-of-fall celebration vacation. With all this and more waiting for travelers to enjoy, then why say no? For more information about planning a vacation with Grand Solmar Timeshare, visit their official website:


Grand Solmar Contact Information:
Av. Solmar No. 1A Col. Centro
Cabo San Lucas, BCS, México
C.P. 23450
Phone: 1-310-459-7276
Email: info(at)solmar(dot)com(dot)mx