It’s Time to Heal and Come Together

The election is finally over 50% got the President they want the other 50% did not. Now we all need to heal and come together. It is time to recover as one. The country has never had such a racial divide like this in years and now it needs to repair and move on. Never have we seen anything like this in years where families and friends no longer speak to each other, record number of friends on Facebook unfriending and blocking over political rants and raves. The time is now to rise and become one. We are the best nation in the world, and we need to start to show it.

Love your neighbor let someone cut in front of you and give them the thank you wave when they do it for you. Just be nice, it used to be that way. Let’s go back to start afresh, start anew. Now is the time to show our children and friends that we can heal and move forward and support our choices for office. You may not agree, but by protesting violently and getting arrested, you will not help yourself later on when looking for work or such. Be the best you can be, and help your fellow men and women. We are all one, and we need to act the part and show the world. We need to Heal and Come Together. What American is all about not hate but love and peace and understanding. Change has come, and for some, it is not easy but time will heal. Now let’s find the time to heal and be the best we can be. America is a real democracy and we have proven the voice of the people is strong and can be heard the world around.

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