Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Minor League Baseball’s Newest Addition

People have followed Tim Tebow since his college football career whom, in a surprising move this week, has been signed to play with the New York Mets. Confirmed via a Tweet on the Mets Twitter account, Tebow signed a minor league contract added to the instructional

Tebow received a Heisman Trophy in college and entered the NFL as a Denver Broncos quarterback. However, after playing one disappointing season for them, he was traded to the Jets and ultimately cut by the Eagles.

No one understands the exact terms of Tim Tebow’s minor league baseball contract, but everyone is excited to experience this athlete on a different professional level. In the past, some athletes tried different sports, like when Michael Jordan made the switch from basketball to baseball. However, he wasn’t overly successful in his attempt and fans are curious to see if this might be Tebow’s saving grace.

Although this University of Florida alumni is known for his football legacy, this didn’t transfer over successfully to the NFL. Since Tim Tebow did play baseball in high school, he could potentially be one of the best transitions in the sporting world. Usually, people switch from sports that they are moderately successful at and bottom out in their new ones. Since Tim has been struggling in football, this might be the answer to this athlete’s prayers.

When Tim was cut by the Eagles this year, he wasn’t upset about it and said that God had other things in the plan. Now it would seem that God might be a Mets fan, and has recruited Tebow to take up a new gauntlet. The world is waiting to see if this 29-year-old can make a name for himself in an industry where he has never stepped his professional foot. Either way, the results are going to be worth the watching and the whole nation should enjoy seeing whether Tebow has the stuff to make a new name for himself in baseball.

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