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Three Healthy Reasons to Drink Wine

Second, wine is a natural blood thinner, so a nice glass of red wine in the evening can help you ward off a possible stroke. The phenol’s that are in red wine assist the body in lowering the chance of blood clotting, although most studies show that this effect is more significant for women than for men. Again, it is essential to note that these benefits occur when you drink wine in moderation. Overindulging will likely have the opposite effect and bring about a host of other ailments, so keeping it to no more than 10 ounces a day is the key.

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Third, drinking a glass of wine is right for your heart. Tannins, which are plentiful in red wine, contain phenol’s that have also been proven to be effective in preventing cardiovascular disease. According to a study done by WebMD, researchers at the Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa found that after 21 consecutive days of wine consumption, blood vessel cell health was enhanced in most participants. According to the study, the wine improved the flow of blood and thus lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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