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The Deadliest Stark of Game of Thrones (4)

The Deadliest Stark of Game of Thrones

It is a sudden, and bizarre turn in Game of Thrones. The Night King and his army of the dead that has been building for thousands of years dead just like that. From season one onwards they have been build as this big bad, of epic proportions. To see them fall in just one battle, epic, and colossal battle, but one none the least is quite disappointing. There are many questions left unanswered about the Night King, his motivations, origins, etc. But the episode did leave us with a hint that he might be of Targaryen origin. As you all remember, real, pure blooded Targeryans can’t be burned by fire. Dani hit him with the best Dracaris she could manage, and he stayed unphased, even his clothes were perfectly intact.

The Deadliest Stark of Game of Thrones (2)

Be it as it may, the icy armageddon is behind us now. The show will turn towards the next big bad, Cersei. It is unclear how much of a threat it will pose to the allied Targeryan Army. Even with their heavy losses, they have two dragons. Cersei and her army have one mad scientist, a perpetually horny pirate, and a large zombie. Doesn’t seem like much of a contest.

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