The Dangers of Bad Sleep Habits (1)

The Dangers of Bad Sleep Habits

The research was conducted in mice to learn more about the body clock, and the findings were fascinating. Mice were fed at the wrong time for this experimented, which then went on to disrupt their entire routine, they struggled to know daytime from nighttime. The same thing is what happens with humans. Think about it this way, if you are craving food in the middle of the night and eat – you are going to struggle to get back to sleep afterward, due to confusion about the change in routine.

A top researcher on the matter, Dr.Bechtold has said that everyday changes can lead to health repercussions due to affecting the body clock that we all have. This could be things that include a change in work schedule, jet-lag and sleep deprivation due to stress. These can lead to several minor ailments, in addition to more significant problems like type 2 diabetes and even cardiovascular disease.

The Dangers of Bad Sleep Habits (4)

With all these facts considered, it is vital that you try to have more of a routine. Eating at the same time every day can help you sleep better and can also greatly benefit your general health. It is advised that individuals pay more attention to the things they are doing and at what point during the day. While life cannot always go 100% to plan, trying to stick to a routine and also listening to your body clock as much as possible is recommended.

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