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The Dangers of Bad Sleep Habits (1)

The Dangers of Bad Sleep Habits

The scientific name for the body clock is circadian rhythm, and it is a biological system in our body that lasts for a total of 24 hours. This system occurs in the cells of everybody and helps control several different things including hormone levels throughout the day when to eat, when to sleep and how to respond to any medication. The body clock mainly works by synchronizing with sunlight, meals and the general environment – this is how it figures out day from night. One of the reasons why we turn our light off when we are ready to go to sleep is to send signals to the circadian rhythm that it is that time of day where it is time to wind down and rest.

It is crucial to stay “in sync” in terms of the habits you have. Otherwise, you could be putting your health to risk. On the other hand, life happens, and sometimes things occur where it is impossible to stick to your body clock 100% of the time. This includes things like shift work in a job you might have, traveling and so on.

Although scientists have confirmed we DO have a body clock and it affects us daily, it is not known completely how it works which makes it challenging to give in-depth advice on how to manage any disrupted body clock rhythm efficiently. While disrupting the body clock from time to time might not be a big deal, if it is done regularly, your health is not going to flourish the way it should.

It has been discovered that insulin is the primary signal which tells our body when to eat, and this helps to strengthen our body clock. Insulin helps adjust every cell in the body at different times which can make this process quite challenging to manage.

The Dangers of Bad Sleep Habits (2)

An expert has said that although insulin acts as a timer for the body, the molecules are quite complicated and any disruption can affect the body enormously.

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