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The best 10 Pokemon GO Safety Tips

An editor of Patch.com published some safety tips for those playing the new Pokemon GO.

GPS-enabled games require players to get out into the community to explore landmarks, public places and area neighborhoods, so you need to know this:

1. Don’t travel with your eyes fixated on your mobile device. If you’re moving in your car during gameplay, you put yourself and others at risk.

2. If you’re traveling in an unfamiliar area, let someone know where you will be.

3. People may think you’re a suspicious person.There have been notable stories where players had the police called on them because they were in a public place at odd hours.

4. If the police stop you on a report of being suspicious, understand that community concerns are greater than your gameplay concerns. Calmly explain that you’re just playing a video game and show police you’re willing to listen to them when they stop you.

5. Know park hours. You can get cited by local authorities, and most communities have park hours posted near the entrance.

If you want to read the other 5, please go to the original source of the story to http://patch.com/massachusetts/danvers/10-pokemon-go-safety-tips.

Written by Scott Anderson for Patch.com

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