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Benicio Del Toro Is Not Antonio Banderas

Benicio del Toro

Would anyone really question the fame of either Heineken as a beer or Benicio Del Toro as an actor? Oscar-winning actor is famous, charming and rife with rugged good looks—yet the public still confuses him for other leading men. It’s a strange situation for a celebrity—being the sort of star …

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2015 Los Cabos International Film Festival

film fest in los cabos 2015

Recommended by Grand Solmar Resort and Spa, the 2015 Los Cabos International Film Festival is an event held to inspire and foster an appreciation of this popular art form. Grand Solmar Resort and Spa is proud to recommend the Fourth Annual Los Cabos International Film Festival. This year’s cultural event …

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Totes Newsworthy: “Friends” Central Perk Will Come to Life This Fall

Arguably considered one of the best sitcoms in the history of television, “Friends” fanatics can rejoice as Warner Brothers celebrates the show’s 20th anniversary. The lovable characters and friends on the show, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe captured the hearts of millions as it aired on the waves …

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Totes Newsworthy: FXX Launches 12 Day Simpsons Marathon

Imagine watching twelve straight days of television. Now picture again watching those same twelve days of television, but also imagine that it is all the same show, run back to back, with no breaks and no repeats. Barring the physical ability of staring at a television set for that long …

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