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Gotham: The Series Finale Season 5

Gotham The Series Finale Season (1)

Gotham is an American crime television series based upon the characters found in the Batman franchise from DC comics. The show focuses on the roles of James Gordon, police commissioner of Gotham, and Bruce Wayne, more commonly known as Batman. The creators of this series had initially planned for the …

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True Detective Season Three Finale

True Detective Season Three Finale (2)

Season three of HBO’s True Detective seems to be hinged on the mystery: What happened to Julie and Will Purcell? The two siblings disappeared without a trace in 1980 when they took out their bikes for a ride in their small hometown of Arkansas. Julie was discovered to be missing …

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Top 10 Netflix series to Watch 2019

Top 10 Netflix series to Watch 2019 (2)

If you are a fan of Netflix TV series, then you already know how good Netflix is when it comes to bringing you the best blockbusters whether Sci-fi, action, thriller, drama, animations or comedy. Two thousand nineteen is yet another year, and once I tell you what they have in …

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Stranger Things Netflix Original

Stranger Things Netflix Original (1)

Health is a significant factor in the life of human beings. Good health is an assurance of a long and good life. Health has to be both physical and emotional. Throughout stranger things, matters regarding health have been showcased, with the central question of health being mental health. This has …

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