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Teen Mom Road Rage Incident

Teen mom road rage incident. Jenelle Evans is embroiled in yet another incident as her career with Teen Moms 2 comes to an end. Just a few days ago Jenelle was accused of pulling out a gun on a driver during a road rage incident. Right after the incident, Jenelle tried to deny that she had a gun drawn with her nine-year-old in the car, apparently forgetting that she was on camera filming for an episode of the trainwreck reality show.

Teen Mom Road Rage Incident

After the incident, Evans met her mom Barbara to drop Jace off. “Did you pull a gun on him? That’s what he’s telling me,” Barbara asked, as Evans responded, “No I didn’t Jace. Why are you saying I pulled a gun out on him? I did not do that.” Jenelle has had a history of lying to her mother and anger management issues in the past.

Once the teen mom road rage incident aired on last week’s episode, Jenelle’s mom has decided to take her to court! On the Teen Mom 2 season finale, Barbara Owens reached out to her lawyer to take custody away from Evans. To add more drama to the situation, Nathan Griffith continues to fight for his son Kaiser with Jenelle Evans.

Throughout the argument, Jenelle’s mother seems to be making a valid argument that her daughter simply refused to understand. When Barbara told her daughter not to follow “crazy people,” Evans responded, “I’m protected all the time. The point is you don’t tailgate people.” No, the point is you do not follow crazy people because you do not know if they have a gun.

Teen Mom Road Rage Incident

When Barbara got home, she called Nathan Griffith, the father of Evans’ youngest son Kaiser. “I am so shaken by this,” Barbara told Griffith. “When Jenelle left therapy with Jace, who was sitting in the front seat, some guy was giving her road rage. Instead of her letting the guy go, she follows him. She pulled a gun out. Jace was in the front seat. What if he had a gun and shot Jenelle? What if it killed Jace?”

Teen mom road rage incident. Mom seems to be making very sane and valid points. If these are the types of decisions her daughter is making in front of her nine-year-old son, maybe it is time for the courts to let someone more mature be responsible for him.

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