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“Tacos with friends”

I guess it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, people do NOT act their age.
Here is a real life scenario. I decided to be a gracious host and have a few of my neighbors over for tacos. My son loves my tacos so I figured why not.

My innocent taco party turned into a huge ordeal with the neighbors, people were texting me and inviting themselves and others over, including people that I have never met before.

One of my friends that I invited over asked me if he could bring his friend along so I said yes. He came over with his friend and a group of us all enjoyed tacos and drinks. It was a great time with amazing people.

FAST FORWARD – I go to an exercise class 2 days later and this man’s wife is there. She comes up to me and starts acting like I was with her husband all night. She told another lady that her husband came over to my house all night and she wanted to find me and talk to me. LOL.

I am literally like did I just enter the “Twilight Zone”. She actually started calling me the taco lady and talking all sorts of nonsense about me to other neighbors. Her behavior was that of a teenager, or younger. Then she tells me that she and her husband are together 24-7 and that the only reason he even came to the party was because she had plans with her girlfriend for dinner that night.

“Tacos with friends” (2)

The moral of the story is that this woman has been married for 48 years, and is probably 75 years old or older. I CAN’T EVEN. I have never encountered someone her age acting like that so the shock value was high. My mom always told me that you can’t put anything past anyone, she was right.

I HOPE and PRAY that you are inspired to NEVER act like this. It’s like repellent for me.

I began writing inspirational words and messages because I feel that the world needs more positivity, LOVE, and acceptance, NOT anger, hate, and JEALOUSY. This is why you want to surround yourself with as much positivity as possible ALL day every day. Eventually, you will become a more positive person.

Join me on this journey we call life as I take you through real scenarios and make sense of things from a positive perspective, whether the experience is a positive or negative one.

My glass is and always has been half FULL. I believe that everything happens for a reason and people are put into your life at the right time. Timing is everything, things always have a way of working out. When you struggle, push and force things they usually don’t work out because they were never meant to.

Let things happen and trust in the process, you deserve it! Become your own biggest fan and practice putting your feelings first. Being happy with yourself is the best gift that you can give to all of those around you. It begins and ends with you.

“What other people think of you is NONE of your business”

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