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Sign With Love; Helps Create Keepsakes That Lasts a Lifetime

I Signed With Love; Helps Create Keepsakes That Lasts a Lifetime

Are you looking to create a keepsake that will last a lifetime? Well, this may be the perfect item for you. Everyone knows a person who has broken a bone and had to wear a cast on the broken limb.

Maybe you broke your arm riding your bike, or a friend broke their leg horseback riding, for example. Tradition says that you get people to sign the cast, it is a moral booster and it shows that people care about you, or that you care about someone who’s hurt. Well, what if a product like that existed today? Not the broken bone, of course, but the signing of the cast? That is where Sign With Love comes in.

“For years people have signed casts with humorous or supportive comments, now everyone can enjoy great inspiration and feel the love wearing one of these personalized scrubs.”

Sign With Love is a wonderful company out of Massachusetts that sells medical scrubs, with the full intention of writing on them. Give one as a gift to a graduating medical student, a nurse that you know, or even one for yourself. They sell baseball caps as well, so you can wear your signs of support anywhere. You can get them for a friend or loved one who’s about to go in for surgery, or giving birth.

They have a unique logo, which has a bit of medical lingo in it. The logo is the word Sign, with a lowercase C and a line over it, followed by the word Love. The lowercase C with the line is the medical sign for With. Put it all together, and you get Sign With Love. A distinctive logo, for a very distinctive company.

“Instead of giving a get well card, or other supportive gift, this unique article of clothing, or plush toy, can boost spirits and become a great reminder of loving support shared.”

While greeting cards can be a neat gift, these scrubs achieve the same purpose, but with the added benefit of being wearable, and not just sitting on your desk or kitchen counter. Have your neighbors sign it and give it as a birthday gift, or get your relatives to sign it for the holidays. The possibilities are endless.

If you head over to http://isignedwithlove.com, you can take a look at all of the merchandise they have for sale. Right now they offer the scrubs and ballcap, and they also sell stuffed toy bears with Sign With Love scrubs that you can write on, and give as a cute gift of support.

My mother is a nurse, so I have been around nursing and medical scrubs for years. I showed her the page, and she thought they were the neatest things, and loved the practicality of it. So if you are like me and have a mother in the medical field, or just know a person in it, this is the perfect gift for them. For more information please visit http://isignedwithlove.com/

Creating a memory, with Sign With Love


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