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Shocking Study Shows Women Cheat More Than Men

According to other experts in the field of sociology and psychology, most people stray from their relationship when they are feeling an emotional void or lack of physical closeness with their current mate. One expert noted that although people’s needs and desires change over the years, the secret to lasting relationships is to keep real intimacy alive. Having frequent conversations about shared and individual goals and expectations drive closeness.

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Women also crave the same things in long-lasting relationships as they do in the beginnings of a relationship. Listen to them, make them a priority, showing kindness through small gifts and thoughtful gestures; these are the actions that will go a long way to fortify the relationship. The easiest way to keep a woman happy and faithful seems to be just doing the same things that attracted her to you in the first place. Also, showing her that she is important, loved, and needed is much more effective than just saying the words.

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