Shocking NFL Stars That Have Not Signed for 2018 (1)

Shocking NFL Stars That Have Not Signed for 2018

Dez Bryant, the one time Dallas Cowboy who amassed 73 touchdowns in just eight seasons is still a free agent that has yet to be signed by any team for the 2018 season. Bryant is only 29 years old and according to most scouts is in the best shape of his life, so it is hard to imagine why he has yet to make a deal with just a few weeks left before the season begins. On the show Hard Knocks, it was revealed that Bryant had visited the Cleveland Browns, but the show did not tell if any type of had been struck and no announcement has been made as yet. The only thing that is certain is there are more than a few NFL teams that could certainly use his services.

S. Eric Reid is another surprise player that still has not been signed for the upcoming NFL season. He was brought into the Bengals training facility for a workout during the offseason, but rumored reports stated that the owner of the team spent more time discussing his possible plans for protesting during the playing of the anthem than actually evaluating his physical prowess. An NFL arbitrator is now involved as Reid made an official complaint against the owner and the team itself. Last year Reid started twelve games and made 52 tackles proving that he certainly has the stats to be a more than capable starter on any NFL team.

Shocking NFL Stars That Have Not Signed for 2018 (2)

Dez Bryant

Defensive Tackle Johnathan Hankins is another inexplicably NFL player without a team this close to the start of the season. In 2017, not only did he started 15 games for the Indianapolis Colts, he posted 24 tackles, and three defended passes. He was on a three-year contract with the Colts, but the team decided to terminate the agreement in March. Hankins is only 26 years old, and in excellent physical condition, so most people assume that any team looking for help on the defensive line would be a good fit.

So with week one of the 2018 NFL season less than two weeks away, it will be interesting to see if these players get signed and what type of compensation packages they will agree to. These three professional athletes are perfect examples of just how fickle the NFL has become. The only people whose positions are safe in the NFL are the owners.

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