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How to Improve Your Confidence

How to Improve Your Confidence (1)

Confidence is key to absolutely everything in life. From relationships, career, mental health, and more. If you don’t have confidence, you are going to struggle immensely and generally not feel as happy as what you could be. Assuming that you are reading this because confidence is something you struggle with, …

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Living in the moment

Living in the moment (1)

I love to sit down and write about the things in my life which have helped me heal my past wounds and traumatic experiences. I feel called to do this because I know that everyone goes through hard times and the world could use more inspiration. There have been so …

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“Tacos with friends”

“Tacos with friends” (1)

I guess it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, people do NOT act their age. Here is a real life scenario. I decided to be a gracious host and have a few of my neighbors over for tacos. My son loves my tacos so I figured why not. …

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Snap OUT of it!

Snap OUT of it! (2)

One of my dear friends reached out to me and said she was having a rough day and asked me for some inspirational words. I wanted to pass along to you what I shared with her. The fastest and easiest way to pick yourself up when you are feeling down …

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Top Inspirational Words 2019

Top Inspirational Words 2019 (1)

Life lessons do NOT come easy. In fact nothing in life comes easy. Hard work, perseverance and tenacity, topped with a lot of FAITH & BELIEF will always make you a sure winner. If you start to feel like you are in a dark place, just relax and live in …

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