Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor Details Most Common Sports Injuries

Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor Details Most Common Sports Injuries

The team at Premier Pain Institute Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor shares how patients can recognize the most commonly occurring sports injuries.

Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor Dr. Vengurlekar, as a leading pain management specialist, knows that some of the worst pain conditions develop after serious injuries. When one encounters such an injury, and neglects the injury or receives improper treatment, that injury can develop over time into a chronic condition that plagues the patient constantly. Some of the most common injuries that lead to long term pain and complications are sports related injuries, which can manifest in a number of different ways.  The Scottsdale sports injury doctor wants his patients and the public to be aware of the causes and risks of these kinds of injuries and today would like to offer information on some of the most common sports injuries and their causes.

There are several sports injures that can impact different individuals but some are more common than others. Some of the most commonly occurring sports injuries are sprains, specifically ankle sprains. Sprains often occur when the ankle rolls or bends in the opposite direction of the foot, causing the ligaments in the foot or ankle to pull and even tear. In more serious cases, ligaments in the legs can also be affected. Depending on the severity of the pull of tear in the ligaments, there may be a variety of symptoms as a result of the injury including mild or severe pain, swelling, bruising, tenderness and possibly weakness and inability to walk.

Ankle sprains are certainly not the only common sports injures that many people suffer from. Some common sports injuries do not occur due to sudden and intense trauma but instead develop over the course of time due to continuous strain on the body. Tennis elbow, a common type of tendinitis that plagues sports players, is an example of such an injury. Dr. Vengurlekar reveals that tennis elbow can occur in anyone who regularly exercises of plays sports that require them to grip a piece of equipment. This repetitive action can make the tendons in the arm swell and result in the elbow and arm pain that identifies tennis elbow. Many players who participate in racket sports or weight lifting run the risk of encountering tennis elbow as a result of their participation in these activities.

Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor explains that the most essential things for any individual to keep in mind when they are suffering from a sports injury, is to seek immediate treatment from an expert. When players suffer from these common injuries they need to see knowledgeable specialists like the Scottsdale sports injury doctor. When a sport injury patient seeks treatment with Dr. Vengurlekar and the Premier Pain Institute they will discover the most innovative pain management and treatment techniques and can rest assured that they are in the hands of one of the most caring and knowledgeable teams in the world. To book an appointment with the Premier Pain Institute or to learn more about Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor Dr. Vengurlekar and his team visit

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