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Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor

Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor Advises Youth to Avoid Sports Injuries

The Premier Pain Institute recommends steps that young athletes can take to prevent serious sports injures

The team at the Premier Pain Institute believes that every individual deserves to live a fulfilling life that is free of pain, and that should apply to individuals of every age. Dr. Vengurlekar, Scottsdale sports injury doctor, the pain management doctor who leads the expert team at the Premier Pain Institute, has been able to help patients as young as 16 address and treat pain conditions. Dr. Vengurlekar has on many occasions treated these young patients because they have suffered from serious sports injuries either recently or in years past. Young people are especially vulnerable to complications from these types of injuries, because suffering from a sports injury while the body is still growing can cause lasting pain and other health issues down the line. Because of the extreme dangers of sports injuries for children, the Scottsdale sports injury specialist has some recommendations to young athletes to avoid these complications.

Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor

First, children should ideally avoid contact sports, altogether, especially since modified versions of their favorite sports can be just as fun. Many studies suggest that sports like contact football may cause a variety of serious injuries in children under 14 years of age, including concussions and overuse injuries. When children do participate in sports or physical activities like biking and skating, it is incredibly important that they wear the proper protective gear, including padding, helmets, and proper footwear. This can help protect a child against accidental injuries.

For anyone who participates in sports or other physical activities, Dr. Vengurlekar, Scottsdale sports injury doctor, always recommends properly preparing for these activities by stretching and warming up. This is essential to all athletes, especially youth players, because properly warming up can help athletes in a number of ways. For example, a warmup can strengthen muscles and prevent strains.  It is also essential that children are given proper training on the use of all equipment they may utilize in a given sport, and that they are properly spotted. Misuse of equipment can often be the cause of serious sports injuries, including overuse injuries, pulled muscles, and tears. Dr. Vengurlekar, Scottsdale sports injury doctor, believes that it is essential for children to take these precautions to avoid sports injuries, however, he also realizes that even with the most careful planning, accidents can still happen when engaging in any sport.

Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor

If young people do suffer from sports injuries, it is incredibly important for them to seek the help of a specialist to treat the injury, and to prevent further complications. Time is key, and treating the injury as promptly as possible can help patients avoid further pain in years to come. Patients can contact the Premier Pain Institute for more information about the treatments available at the practice, and to learn more about how the team carefully diagnoses its patients and works with them to find a treatment plan that works best for them.

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