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Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor Reveals the Risk of Adolescent Sports Injuries

Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor Reveals the Risk of Adolescent Sports Injuries

Dr. Vengurlekar reveals how serious juvenile sports injuries can be.

Dr. Sham Vengurlekar and the specialists at the Premier Pain Institute have experience treating a number of pain conditions and injuries. Some of the most common types of injuries are those incurred while participating in sports. It’s not uncommon to hear about major league players being benched or having to skip out on the rest of the season due to a major injury, and depending on the severity of the damage, these injuries may permanently hinder a player’s abilities, or may even end the player’s career completely. These kinds of injuries can be very serious, but the Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor wants to offer a reminder that it isn’t just major league players who are susceptible to these severe injuries. In fact, one of the groups most commonly affected by sports injuries are children and adolescents playing recreationally in local leagues or on high school teams.

Sports injuries among adolescents and children are more common than many people realize, with millions of children each year falling victim to sprains, brain injuries, broken bones, back injuries, dislocations, and overuse injuries. This is a growing epidemic, with more adolescents being subjected to practices, coaching, and games that are at a level more akin to what would be expected from an adult player. These young people are subjected to the same risks that come with playing professionally, but the difference is that these players are more susceptible to many of these injuries because they are not yet fully grown. Growth plate injuries are especially common in children because these developing parts of the bone are much weaker than typical bone and can be badly damaged very easily.

Scottsdale Sports Injury Doctor Dr. Vengurlekar believes it is extremely important to realize the risks of sports injures, especially to the younger generations. Sports injuries can be very painful, cause a lot of distress to the patient, and may even cause problems later in life. Many who have encountered sports injuries in their lives go on to suffer from later conditions including post-traumatic arthritis. This is why it is so vital that individuals find proper treatment for their sports injuries, and pursue the best methods to stop their pain and properly heal. In the event that later conditions do develop, it is equally important to receive proper treatment for these conditions.

At the Premier Pain Institute in Scottsdale, the expert team understands the risk of sports injuries, and knows that they have to be treated with the upmost care and most innovative treatments. The Scottsdale sports injury Doctor can diagnose and treat many of the most common sports injuries, and can also help athletes with residual pain. To learn more about the mission of Dr. Vengurlekar and the Premier Pain Institute, and to discover how the experts can help sports injury victims please visit http://azpainmd.com/.

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