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Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Must Know Tips!

Samsung has excited the industry by fueling lots of rumors about the specifications and capabilities of the new Galaxy S8. There was some negativity in the press associated with the release of the Galaxy S7 and it not holding up to all of the attention. Also, the Galaxy 8 will have to compete with the recent release of the iPhone 7. This phone will be released in March of 2017, but there are already a lot of informational leaks online.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 insider reports show that this smartphone will have a new Exynos 8895 processor that also has a Mali-671 GPY. This hardware upgrade will make the new Samsung Galaxy S8 almost twice as powerful as the Galaxy S7. This new phone will also have a 4k-capapble display on a 5.2-inch screen. This display will be a great feature for those that are enjoying gaming and watching movies on their phones. Virtual Reality headsets have become increasingly popular, and this phone’s display is updated with those in mind.

The new model of Samsung Galaxy phones traditionally debuts near the Mobile World Congress event that takes place in Barcelona. The time frame for this event is early March or late February. Next year, in 2017, this event will be held during the week of February 27th to March 2nd. Experts forecast that this announcement about the Samsung Galaxy S8 will take place on either February 26th or 27th.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is around the same price point as the Galaxy S7 that was released earlier this year. A new camera lens is also expected to make an appearance in this device. This new camera is supposedly a 30-megapixel camera, and there will be 6GB of memory available. A new battery provided is supposed to give a full day of use before dying.

All of these features are exciting, and the public anxiously awaits the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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