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Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte Receives Shocking Reception on “Dancing with the Stars”

Ryan Lochte has been no stranger to scathing comments on the internet for his recent publicity nightmares, but this Olympic swimmer got an unexpected protest during his dancing debut. Lochte just recently came off of his “Robbery Nightmare” from the 2016 Olympics in Rio. It is unexpected that Lochte should be on Dancing with the Stars, but fitting considering he is done with his athletic past and looking toward his future. However, Lochte got more than he bargained for when protesters found their way onto the dance floor this past Monday.

Dancing with the Stars has a huge following because there are always extreme surprises with the casting of contestants. These participants can range anywhere from reality TV stars, b-list celebrities, or even famous people that have drifted out of the scene for a long time. With this menagerie of contestants, it’s no wonder that viewers can’t get enough of this show and all of the antics.

Ryan Lochte fits the bill considering all of his recent issues, but he was surprised to find that Americans might not forget about his past as quickly as he might have imagined. Ryan took to the dance floor in his opening number and was surprised to find that the end of the dance judging was crashed by two unwanted guests. These men, clad in anti-Lochte shirts, walked onto the dance floor to show that they don’t support this athlete turned dancer. The look on Lochte’s face is priceless because it was so unexpected, and he didn’t realize how people could hold a grudge.

Ryan Lochte got one of the most exciting debuts on “Dancing with the Stars” due to his protesters. This protest is probably just an isolated incident, but viewers will tune in next week to see what else this dance set will bring to life.

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