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Running the Golden Mile: Chris Devine and the Marathon

Running the Golden Mile: Chris Devine and the Marathon

26.219 miles. Since Pheidippides ran this distance to Athens to report a Greek victory, the marathon has been one of most grueling and rewarding experiences that people can achieve.

From New York and Boston to Amsterdam and Paris, and all in between, the marathon takes grit, determination, and good training. Chris Devine knows this, and it is why he has made it his mission to help others prepare and run marathons, as a confidence booster and a way to overall wellbeing.

The first step is setting up a training regimen. Commit yourself to 18 weeks of training, with four days of running a week. You can’t train for a marathon after you get home from work, or only on the weekends. It has to be an investment of your time and patience. Everything from your diet to sleeping patterns will change because of a marathon, and you need to prepare your mind and body for this change. Chris Devine recommends starting in easier runs, and working your way up to a marathon. It’s possible to go from no running experience to running a marathon, but incredibly difficult if you haven’t run before. You should expect to run 15 to 25 miles per week, and aim to run a marathon in under five hours.

Your diet and calorie intake are incredibly important to running a marathon, and Chris Devine has devised a plan to help you achieve the best eating possible.

Avoid empty calories and focus on nutrients per calorie. Mostly indulge in whole grains and starches, and your usual fruits and vegetables. Get in touch with a personal trainer, as they can create a diet plan that works for you and your body. Water and protein bars will be a big help during the marathon itself, as they keep you hydrated and keeps your body replenished of the proteins you’re burning as you run.
Chris Devine recommends trying to get nine to ten hours of sleep per night. Keep this up, even on your off days, and try to get this as your permanent sleep schedule for your training period. A good sleep is helpful for not only your body, but also your mind. You want to be at your top physical shape for the big run, and a healthy night’s sleep is a vital part of this.

Last, Chris Devine recommends creating a support system. Family, friends, and coworkers can be a big help in keeping you going, and they can be there when you cross the finish line.

You need to know mentally that you can do it, and you can! It’s easy to quit and stop, but you’re better than that; you know exactly what it’s going to take to be able to run this marathon and you have that spirit in you. Keep training and you’ll get your reward when you run your marathon, break through the tape, and have that incredible feeling of self-achievement and pride! For more information please visit http://www.chrisdevinerunning.com

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