Riding The Crypto Waves of Ups and Downs
Bitcoin and litecoin is a modern way of exchange and this crypto currency is a convenient means of payment in the financial

Riding The Crypto Waves of Ups and Downs

Bitcoin and all other Cryptos had the week from hell. Let’s face it people panicked and others bought as the prices plunged. What happened? The big question, why did it happen. Taxes, very simply. Governments like South Korea and a few others are threatening to ban the cryptos because they are not getting their taxes on capital gains

How long did you think it would be before the Uncle Sams of the world want there fair share? 24 hours ago Bitcoin was down to $9280 now it has rebounded to $11800.00 with Etherium going way down only to return to around $1100.00 as other looked at it as a sea of red, buyers came in and bought the bargains. Etherium will be forever around it is the goto Blockchain.

Breaking News KFC in Canda announced it would start accepting Bitcoin it will be called the Bitcoin Bucket how cool is that.  So the proof is not in the pudding instead of the chicken. Bitcoin is going mainstream.

KFC is accepting Bitcoin

Etherium will be a high riser this 2018 as more and more adopting the ETH blockchain.

More Breaking News Billionaire Mavericks owner Mark MR Shark Tank Cuban say’s they will start accepting Bitcoin and Etherium next season for tickets. Wow, how about them Apples!

Billionaire Mavericks owner Mark MR Shark Tank Cuban

This is here to stay, but this not a get rich quick deal were you mortgage your house as the tokens reach all-time highs. Will there be more corrections?


Probably yes, when who knows. Invest what your comfortable with don’t sell the farm or take out loans. Look at the Tuesday bloodbath how many people bailed as prices plummeted only to have the sharks wait patiently and then pounce on the low prices. This market is not for the faint of heart. Look at the stock market why is it this high? When will it crash? Probably soon, but when. If we all had the magical crystal ball, we could just go to Vegas and bet. This not Back to the Future two when Biff has the sports almanac. One thing is sure the death of money is coming. Who even carries money anymore it is all done with credit cards or debit cards. Buy what you can afford to lose. If you make your original investment back, then take it out and play with the casino’s money.

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