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Resort Weeks Aruba Why Vacations Can Help You Live Longer

Resort Weeks Aruba explains live longer with vacations

Have you been putting off taking a vacation with friends or family? Perhaps you are too overwhelmed with life responsibilities right now to think about taking a break. The more stressed out you feel, the more you need to take a vacation. Your physical and mental health benefits from taking a holiday from your daily life. Throughout this article, you will discover many different reasons why taking a vacation is a health necessity.

Resort Weeks Aruba taking a vacation cannot only positively affect your stress levels in the short term, but it can also increase your life span. According to a 40-year Finnish study presented by Timo Strandberg to the European Society of Cardiology (published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health, and Aging) men, with one or more cardiovascular disease risk factors, who took vacations less than three weeks a year had a 37% higher death rate than those who took three weeks vacations or longer.

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Resort Weeks Aruba explains those who took longer holidays, on average, worked less and slept more. This suggested that beyond medical intervention (diet advice and medication) for cardiovascular disease, stress plays a significant part in mortality rates. That is why it is recommended that people with the cardiovascular disease reduce stress. Less stress benefits your heart’s health. Strandberg states, “Don’t think to have an otherwise healthy lifestyle will compensate for working too hard and not taking holidays.” His declaration reinforces the idea that vacations can play a massive part in reducing our stress levels and increasing our life span.

Stress relief is not just crucial for your heart. Prolonged stress can increase your risk of mental health problems. Resort Weeks Aruba goes on to further explain It can cause anxiety and depression. When we face situations that we are unable to control or predict, our body goes into a state of increased alertness. When these situations repeatedly happen the body goes into a chronic stress response. When the system controlling the stress response is unable to return to its natural state, our memory, and the way we deal with emotions can be negatively impacted. This is why people with anxiety and depression may experience worry, irritability, and lack of concentration. Stress relief tactics, like taking a holiday, may help with preventing the chronic stress response.

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The immune system can be triggered by chronic stress response. Because of the prolonged activation of the immune system, brain functions can be impaired. Chronic stress causes the prefrontal cortex, responsible for learning and memory, to shrink and the amygdala to grow to cause the brain to be more affected by stress. Also, the brain’s hippocampus can be damaged from prolonged stress. The hippocampus controls explicit memory like dates, names, and events. To decrease damage or structural changes to the brain, pressure needs to be treated and managed.

Resort Weeks Aruba says to live a healthy and happy life, it is essential to treat your stress levels. Brain, heart, and immune problems are too high a price to pay for working hard. Taking a trip to the lake, in contrast, seems like an easy price to pay to ensure that you live longer When you think about canceling a vacation or working through your vacation, just remember this: stress maims and kills, and vacations heal.

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