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red hot chili peppers carpool karaoke

Red Hot Chili Peppers Sing and Wrestle on ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Red Hot Chili Peppers guested on “Carpool Karaoke,” where the band sang their biggest singles and Anthony Kiedis and James Corden wrestled on a lawn.

In addition to singing RHCP tracks “Give It Away,” “Under the Bridge,” “Californication,” new single “Dark Necessities” and a song from the musical Oliver!, Kiedis and Flea also debuted “Heemi Lheemey.”

A conversation about Greco-Roman-style wrestling somehow results in Corden challenging Kiedis to a “grapple.”

James Corden said:

“I never expected this to be as fun as it has been. People say ‘don’t meet your heroes,’ but I don’t think they’ve ever met the Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

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