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Protect Yourself from Scams in 2020

Protect Yourself from Scams in 2020: TotesNewsworthy Special


The modern world is becoming better in a lot of ways; the internet has had such a profoundly substantial positive effect on the world. But some people use it maliciously. Some people try to take advantage of good-natured people. Some common scams are going around that you should be aware of to help keep you and your finances safe.


IRS Scam


There is a common scam going around where the scam artists pretend to be calling from the IRS. They will often insist that you owe a huge amount in debt and threaten to freeze your accounts or arrest you. Unless, of course, you pay them right that minute. They will typically ask you to make payments directly into an account for them.
In some cases, they will ask you to pay off the “outstanding balance” through the use of gift cards, such as iTunes gift cards. This is very much a scam. The IRS will NEVER call you asking you to make payments over the phone, especially by gift cards. What use does the IRS have for gift cards?


Hand is holding phone with irs scam calls.


If you get a call from the IRS, hang up and call the IRS back yourself on their official phone numbers. This is the same when you get a call from your “bank”. Always hang up, call them back using their official number and confirm the reason for the call. You won’t upset the person on the other end if it turns out it actually is the bank, they will understand why you hung up and called them back.


Social Security Scam


One of the harder to catch scams is the social security scam. You will receive a call from an unknown number stating they are calling to confirm personal information about your account. The IRS won’t ever call you out of the blue, asking for this information. So if you do suspect that it is a scam call, hang up. Then call them back at their official number to confirm if the call was real or not. Your personal information, once gained, can be used in plenty of malicious ways, from opening fake accounts to accessing your real ones. You could have your money stolen, and your credit ruined. Always be careful.


 Social Security Card

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Fake Tech Support


Tech support can be a real blessing if you are having computer troubles. But fake tech support can be a nightmare. There are two primary forms of fake tech support going around; they are as follows:


fake teach support

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  1. This is an informative article on how to get rid of scams in 2020. Learned a lot of new trick for protecting ourselves from scams. Thanks a lot for sharing the topic.

  2. Very interesting to know about the different types of scams and how to protect ourselves from it. The information in this article is up-to-date which helps.

  3. I knew the world is full of scamming but haven’t much idea. Here i find the best information of scamming. This is very much helpful to protect anyone’s personal data. Thanks for sharing

  4. I have gotten the social security scam call several times. They kept calling back so I got them on the phone and told them I was an investigator from the FBI, they hung up and never called back!

  5. This article alerted me to some scams I have heard about and some I haven’t heard about before. As a practice, I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t know, especially nowadays.


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