His Royal Highness Prince Harry meeting with competitors during Invictus Games in Toronto Canada.

Prince Harry Back in London Without Meghan

The UK COVID rules that he will have to comply with typically include a ten-day quarantine; however, there are protocols in place that if an international traveler pays for and receives a negative COVID test after five days, they can be released early from the quarantine. Most Royal observers believe this is Prince Harry’s intention to attend his grandfather’s funeral. Notably, Prince Harry will most likely not attend the funeral in any military uniform.


Prince Harry in the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Cassino during his visit to Italy


After the couple confirmed to the Queen that they would not be returning to their royal duties earlier this year, the Queen stripped them of all official titles. This means that Prince Harry has lost all of his honorary military titles and will likely be seen in a suit. The royal protocol does allow him to wear any medals he received when active in the military; however, they should be displayed on a suit rather than a military uniform of any type. Also, with the COVID restrictions still in place in the UK, only thirty people will be in attendance at the funeral, so Meghan’s absence hopefully means that some other worthy person will be able to attend.

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