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Primetime Vacations Specials Presents the Top Restaurants in Punta Cana

Primetime Vacations Specials Presents the Top Restaurants in Punta Cana

Vacationers are encouraged to follow their taste buds through Punta Cana on their Primetime Vacations Specials vacation.

Punta Cana is a tropical paradise, and a visit to the area would not be complete without experiencing the food at the top restaurants in the area. Primetime Vacations Specials highly recommends a variety of restaurants, with a variety of cuisines and varying atmospheres.

For visitors looking for signature dishes and exotic refinement, Passion by Martin Berasategui is the best choice. Home to one of the most acclaimed international chefs in the world, the high-class dining experience combines Spanish cuisine made with freshly sourced ingredients and beautiful presentation, either as an a la carte experience or with the full tasting menu.

Primetime Vacations Specials recommends La Palapa by Eden Roc for guests searching for sushi, seafood, or Italian dishes. The view of the Caribbean Sea adds to the amazing menu and pushes La Palapa to the top of the list on the island. The menu includes fun dishes like grilled octopus with boiled potatoes, homemade pasta with tomato sauce, eggplant, dry ricotta and mind, grilled baby lobster, and red tuna sashimi with hot sesame oil. La Palapa’s menu has something for everyone.

La Cava is the place to go for wine connoisseurs and those looking for an exclusive and private experience. Guests are able to pair wine from one of the best collections in the Caribbean with their dinner. The unique and opulent experience is preserved by the fact that only six people can dine at La Cava at a time, making it incredibly romantic.

The Jellyfish is one of the most popular restaurants amount tourists in Punta Cana. Offering fresh fish and shellfish in a scenic location for reasonable prices makes this restaurant a place all Primetime Vacations Specials guests will want to experience. There are international dishes as well on the fish-based menu.

The best bakery in Punta Cana is Las Lenas, and a must for all visitors who enjoy pastries. It opened in 1998 with intentions of serving the local community, and has become a place for tourists to see an authentic local meeting place. Famous for its strong and aromatic coffee, Las Lenas offers traditional breakfasts, sandwiches, and pastries ranging from flans to tarts to cakes and pies.

There are so many places to experience the great food, drink, and atmosphere in Punta Cana. For more information and for assistance with accommodations for a trip to the Dominican Republic, contact Primetime Vacations Specials today. For more information please visit http://www.primetimevacationsspecials.com

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