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Primetime Vacations Specials Submits Helpful Information Ahead Of Myrtle Beach Trip

Primetime Vacations Specials Submits Helpful Information Ahead Of Myrtle Beach Trip

Primetime Vacations Specials is providing necessary tips for those members who plan to attend the planning sessions at Myrtle Beach, North Carolina.

Since this is a new destination for many of the members, it is essential to be prepared.

Myrtle Beach is one of the premier beach destinations in the United States and has been for many decades. It is referred to as The Grand Strand and tourists travel from around the world to experience all this vacation spot has to offer.

Beaches are first and foremost a wonderful experience for locals and tourists who visit each year. Although sunbathing is a popular thing to do it is essential that sunscreen of a high SPF is to apply to the skin at least 30 minutes before exposing it to the sun. Even on overcast days it is essential to apply and then reapply after taking a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Bringing a wide-brimmed hat, cover-up or

T-shirt and maybe even an umbrella to the beach will help shade and protect Primetime Vacations Specials members from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Be prepared for possible sunburns by bringing cooling gels that will help soothe the pain.

The presence of jellyfish is something for members to watch out for while frolicking through the crystal sands of Myrtle Beach. While they are not in abundance on the beaches, it is imperative to avoid them because they do sting and believe it or not, even dead ones that have washed ashore are still capable of stinging. In the event any Primetime Vacations Specials members do get stung, the first thing to do is take some sand and rub it on the sting while standing underwater. This will help wash away any remaining nettles from the skin. Applying vinegar, alcohol, or even meat tenderizer will neutralize the majority of the toxins from the site of the sting, followed by washing with fresh soap and water. In the case of an allergic reaction, though, make sure to call the emergency department by dialing 911.

Local Beach Ordinances are important to read and know ahead of spending time on the three main beach municipalities, which are Surfside Beach, Northside Beach, and of course Myrtle Beach.

Following rules and regulations of each beach will keep members of Primetime Vacations Specials in compliance for a safe and enjoyable experience.  Most commonalities between the rules listed include not littering and instead using trash containers posted around the beaches.  Additional rules are to refrain from destroying, cutting, or breaking sea oat plants, sand fencing, and beach grass. On some beaches, horses and dogs are not allowed.  Beachcombers are not allowed to bring glass containers to the beaches since any broken glass in the sand could be stepped on and cause injuries.

Piers are fun to stroll along, glance out at the water, or to use for fishing, but at these beaches jumping off piers is prohibited.

It also is wise to keep up with tide conditions that are either posted or information available from lifeguards. Anytime you are dealing with the ocean, weather conditions can change quickly and affect the safety of beachcombers. Primetime Vacations Specials members will be happy to hear that those iconic beach chairs popular at East Coast beaches are free to use at all beaches. This Myrtle Beach trip is one that will be memorable for all members. Just keep in mind these beach tips to ensure the memories are fun-filled. For more information please visit http://www.primetimevacationsspecials.com

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